Smart Energy Monitoring

We all know the benefits of home automation for energy management. Thermostats can automatically set the temperature according to your habits. Your oven can make your food before you get out of bed. But one importing thing users should know is how much energy these devices are consuming. Smart energy monitoring helps us to know how much energy is being consumed in keeping your house comfortable and protective. Smart energy monitoring system tells the owner about the usage of energy and its effect on electricity bill. Before creating your smart home you must focus on the reduction of cost of electricity bills.

Usually a typical energy monitoring system checks the usage through sensors or gateways. It usually displays the information of energy consumption in kilowatt hours (kWh). The sensors are usually used at point of measurement. These products display the cost of energy consumption daily, weekly and monthly. The owner can also customize the settings for the usage of products.  It helps to reduce your energy bills and help you saving your money. Smart Energy monitoring products work wirelessly. After getting the results on your device you can make smarter decisions about your smart home. These devices help you to recognize abnormal patterns of energy use. It will also let the owner know about potential problems with appliances.

Product highlights

Energy Visible:

Of course we can’t see the energy being consumed. You can see the bill in every quarter of the meter. The energy monitoring meter will show you the consumption in different quarters. It will help to observe how and when the energy is consumed. You can also set targets and use energy accordingly. In this way you can have some control on excessive consumption.

Easy to install:

These energy monitoring devices can easily be installed without any expert. A non invasive sensor is connected to the meter. You just need to power up and it will start running. It helps the user to know about the amount of energy being consumed.

Users can monitor the energy usage in their house in several ways. Some monitoring devices that let you only check the usage of specific products. One may wish to have a large solar electric system for their smart home. Some energy monitoring products lets you monitor the usage of energy in the whole house. These products give you the full control to switch smart devices on and off.


TED Pro Home

The TED Pro Home Energy monitoring system is used in your smart homes using existing power lines. Users are able to monitor the usage of energy in real time. This product contributes a lot to your energy saving. It is adjusted in the main conductor of your homes pipelines. There are no extra wires needed. You can also receive customized alerts through SMS and notification.


Digi XBee Smart Meter

The Digi XBee Smart meter can be attached to any outlet in your smart house. It lets you control and accurately measure consumption from wherever it is plugged in. This product is easily integrated with the ZigBee network. This product allows you to monitor multiple devices at a time. It also includes the feature of on and off.




Elgato Eve

This monitoring system is slightly different from the other systems. It uses Bluetooth and variety of sensors to detect the temperature, air condition and humidity. Users can view all the data in their phone app. It has a very easy setup. It can remotely switch the devices on and off. This eve app is compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPod touch. The information of the energy usage is shown on convenient display or on your smart phone. Learn more about Elgato Eve by clicking this link:


Blue Line Innovation Power Cost System

The blue line innovation is used to monitor the usage of electricity of house. The owner has to attach the optical sensor outside their homes electricity panel. The sensors will automatically check the usage of energy easily, and it will keep the record of every product attached with it. It then communicates with your smart phone or tablets that are connected to it. It helps you to identify the heavy electricity load in your smart house. When you come to know the amount of energy consumed you can easily take steps to decrease your bills. More info here:




Curb Monitor

Curb monitor device helps you to make sure that everything is well in your smart home and your solar system. It will identify you the changes in consumption, and you will see its effect on your wallet. The owner can also track progress against your energy usage. By analyzing the results you can take decisions about how to conserve energy and power in your smart home. After using this device you will see a significant change in your electricity bill.


Smappee Home Energy Monitor

The smappee home energy monitor connects on WiFi to your home network and you can monitor your consumption from anywhere using the free smartphone app. It also has built-in support for the Apple watch. Installation is a breeze with the included clip-on current transformers, but installation by a licensed electrician is recommended. Read more about Smappee here: