Introduction to Philips Hue

The power of technology is continuously mesmerizing us with its innovative and ingenious products and resources. Philips HUE is such an innovation that brings one’s imagination into reality. Hue is a web-enabled LED home lighting system. But it is much more than what we think about lighting system. It brings color into home and life. It is fun and functional as well. Users can operate Hue via their smart phone or tablet. Using Hue, you can switch on or off you lights by just touching your mobile screen. Through this technology, you can change the shade of your light bulb as well as create customize color light. Hue enables you to be free to choice to make your environment light as you imagine or wish.

Created by Philips, Philips Hue was first introduced in October 2012 and updated later in both 2015 and 2016. The Philips hue is the first product of this kind and won the Best Product in the year 2012. It is iOS controlled lighting appliance.

Four Components to Success

Apps, Bridge, Portal and Lights – the four components for hue system together an imaginary lighting environment for your home and office or wherever you want.

The Philips Hue app is exclusively found in Apple store. It has four pre programmed lighting settings which is based on biological effects of lighting on our body. Hue helps to read, concentrate, relax and energize. With the help of this app, you can control the hue system from your smart phones even being outside your home.

Bridge is the connector between your smart bulb and the portal via the internet. Your system is actually controlled by this portal. Your bridge and app must be on same local network.

A web based control panel, portal, connects your home to internet. Your portal is needed to control the commands form outside and keep your software in the bridge updated. 

Finally the output is coming from light bulb. These are called smart bulbs congaing 3 types of LED. This LED is chosen to produce a wide range of shades of color. The lights are connected to the bridge via an open protocol called ZigBee Light Link. The primary tool for controlling the lights is the hue ridge.

Tapping in to consumer preferences

Philips hue enables you to save your preferred light shades for each of your room and time of day which can be recalled instantly from anytime you wish. You can even use any photo on your phone gallery as a color palette to color you home with lights of different shades and it enlivens your memories back. Hue will let you wake up and fall asleep. Using timer function, Hue helps mange your daily schedule. For any security or peace of mind, you can control your light remotely through this technology. With colors of rainbow, you can create ambience in your interior. Hue makes us able to tune the boring white light from candlelight to vibrant and cool white light.

Remember Philips hue is available only in Apple stores. The introductory pack of Philips hue includes 3 hue light bulbs of 600 lumen that equivalents to 50watt. A Hue light covers all shades of color and it consumes 80% less power than traditional bulb. A hue bridge, power supply to the bridge, a LAN cable to connect ht hue bridge to your router  and download instruction is also provided with the pack.

The lamp of Aladdin

Hue actually is like the magic lamp of Aladdin. With it, you can create any imaginary scene you can in your décor. It has white light for normal everyday life. It has colored light.  Colored light has two fold functions. It can create mood as you like. You can set them for party, soothing, twilight whatever color you want. On the other hand, color light can also be used for signal information as well.

Hue has combined lights for subtle mood and complex information. Hue triggers emotions as well. According to your mood you can change the color and level of lights. You can also use it for time based information. For daily routine you can set them up for wake up in the morning and fall asleep in the morning.

In closing ….

To most people, Philips hue is a dream come true. It is such an innovation that allows man to control the light around them and set them as well as use them in accordance with their own needs and moods.  Hue enables people to rethink what light is. International magazine also sung highly of it,. According to Forbes, Hue is “Best product of 2012”. PC Magazine dubbed hue as the editors of choice and praised its color, price and features.  Like all other things, security issue regarding hue is also a concern for all. As it can be controlled through internet, hue may be vulnerable to the attacks of cyber attackers. Researchers already able to control light bulbs using a drone flying outside.  However, creating a dreamy world with power of innovation and technology, Philips Hue is an eye opener for redefining light system of the next generation.