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Enduro Systems, Inc.

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713-358-4000, 800-231-7271
16602 Central Green Blvd.
Houston, TX 77032


  • in Cable Trays and Systems

    Enduro manufactures fiberglass cable tray systems and related products. In addition to the pultrusion process, Enduro uses compression molding and resin transfer molding. Cable trays include ladder trays, channel type instrumentation trays, and strut and support systems. Enduro also offers the ComWay Fiberglass Lay-in-Wireway which is designed for the protection and routing of data control and power cables with a snap on cover.

  • in Supports, Hangers and Clamps

    Enduro offers a complete system of components to support ladder tray or instrumentation tray in just about any environment. Our offering includes strut framing and channel framing, multiple configurations of connector plates, pipe clamps, window clamps, swivel clamps, clevis hangers, support racks, post bases, and threaded rod. These components can be used in an infinite number of configurations, including the most common trapeze and cantilevered supports.
  • in Wireways and Troughs

    Enduro’s fiberglass wireway is ideal for supporting low-voltage or communications cables, including fiber optic cable. It can also be used underground or embedded in concrete. Made from the same high-strength, corrosion resistant pultruded materials as our FRP ladder type cable tray, Enduro wireway is tough and made to stand up to the most demanding environments. Our FRP wireway comes in multiple options, including different resin systems, and is available with or without covers.