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  • Arlington Industries Inc

    Arlington Industries carries a wide selection of liquid tight fittings including non-metallic connectors, zinc connectors, one-piece screw-in liquid tight connectors, 90 degree and 45 degree non-metallic connectors and water tight zinc die-cast connectors in straight and 90 degree configurations.

  • TE Connectivity

    TE Connectivity offers hermetically-sealed waterproof connector types such as circular, econoseal, mini-multilock, nanominiature, sensor, universal, mini-universal, pin & socket, and high voltage receptacles.  Super seal connectors, ring & spade tongue terminals, and coax coupling closures are a few more of the waterproof connectors made available.

    State: PA
  • Duraline

    Supplier of  waterproof connectors. Watertight / Submersible Power Distribution blocks are design to maximize worker safety, in outdoor/wet locations. These blocks accept specific Duraline plugs and replaceable receptacles, instead of NEMA plugs. The blocks are molded to #6, #8, #10, #12, or #14 AWG heavy-duty SOOW cables. Amperages between 18A and 55A can be achieved, depending upon cable ordered. Most power distribution blocks can be ordered in 120V, 220V or 480V configurations. Cable ends can be equipped with the appropriate factory installed connectors, or can be supplied without connectors.
    State: NY

    SEACON manufactures a wide variety of waterproof, underwater connectors, including their Electrical Dry-Mate Series, their Optical Hybrid Dry-Mate Series, their Electrical Wet-Mate line, their Electrical Underwater Mateable connectors, and their Optical Underwater Mateable Series. They also offer underwater switches, penetrators, and specialty products.
  • Ericson

    Ericson offers a package of 12 combination 15A/120V straight blade Perma-Tite plugs (1510-PW6P) and connectors (1610-CW6P). Their FS Series all weather receptacles and flip cover combos are used in zoos and parks, public meeting venues, and portable power centers. The Perma-Tite2 Watertite 6P plugs and connectors are designed for extreme environments and provide protection for NEMA Type 4, 4X, 6, 6P and IP67. Their Perma-Grip Industrial plugs and connectors provide a line of "hard use" jobsite devices for your cordsets.
  • Nexus

    Nexus designs and manufactures waterproof plugs and jacks with seven conductors for military applications. They also offer miniature seven conductor plugs and jacks, as well as standard connectors including telephone jacks and plugs, audio plugs, microphone plugs and jacks, special switches and push-button switches.
  • Conec

    Manufacturer of standard and filtered D-subminiature water resistant connectors for use in harsh outdoor or indoor environments.  Each connector is available with a plastic or die cast frame and an o-ring for panel to connector sealing along with internal sealing to prevent water leaking through the connector.

  • Bulgin

    Waterproof electrical circular connectors with a current rating up to 10A and with available screw, crimp, and solder terminations.  Specialty 900 series has a current rating up of 32 Amps and 600V.  Some connector types offered are ethernet, USB, mini, cable, panel mount, flex mount, flange mount, and screw terminal among others. Each range has flex cable connector, in-line flex cable connector options.
    State: CA
  • Amphenol Alden Products

    Manufacturers of waterproof auto-coupling circular connectors. Four sizes from miniature (mini) to max. (.5" diameter to 14 poles, .7" diameter to 27 poles, .9" diameter to 52 poles, 1.3" diameter to 8 poles). Metal or plastic shell with EMI/RFI shielding, waterproof, medical disposable, medical reusable, auto-terminate and industrial ethernet circular connectors.

    State: MA
  • Cooper Interconnect

    Cooper offers their E.O./Electro WP Series of waterproof connectors in configurations such as male connector pin, female connector pin, attachable male plug, and attachable female plug. Also offered are single pin right angle and two pin universal underwater connectors, underwater penetrators, junction boxes with waterproof connections, and miniature connectors.
  • Souriau USA

    Souriau offers waterproof plastic connectors. The UTS Hi Seal Series is a dynamic IP68/69K waterproof connector in mated and unmated condition. The standard UTS Series is a dynamic IP68/69K with quick bayonet coupling. The Clipper is an IP68 rated environmentally sealed circular connector series.
  • Omron

    The Omron XS5 Water-resistive Sensor I/O Connectors are round water-resistive Smartclick connectors that offer a lock structure that maintains compatibility with conventional, screw-type M12 connectors. The XS3 Round Water-resistant Connectors (M8/S8) are compact, watertight, round connectors that meet IP67 requirements. Conventional M8 screw-mounting models are available along with S8 snap-in models that connect and disconnect with one touch.
  • ITT Cannon

    ITT offers the CIR Series electrical, optical and pneumatic multipin connector. Designed for transit applications, military, commercial, medical, geophysical, entertainment, nuclear, and aerospace. The CA-COM Series connectors offer rapid mating and unmating by a quarter turn bayonet locking mechanism. The CGE Series are waterproof, in mated condition, up to 1 bar (35 feet of water).
  • Connectronics Corp.

    Connectronics underwater series connectors offer critical water sealing interfaces, stainless steel hardware, and water sealing over-molding to provide underwater environmental protection. Features include O-Ring sealed interface, 300 VDC operation voltage, a temperature range of -10 C to +80 C, and are hydrostatic tested to 500 PSI.
  • AGO Environmental Electronics LTD.

    AGO's subsea bulkhead and inline electrical connectors are standard "G" and "K" style waterproof sealed connectors. Applications include oceanographic instrumentation cables and cabling, video sewer inspection systems and video pipeline inspection systems. Products include metal shell bulkhead connectors, glass filled epoxy bulkhead connectors, rubber molded inline connectors, a new type 1.0/4 inline connector (industry standard wet-pluggable), and their WOC Series inline electrical connectors without cables.
  • Sabritec, Inc.

    Sabritec designs and manufactures water resistant connectors that can be used in systems where moisture, humidity, water and dust are present. These connectors are capable of sealing up to 35 psi in the unmated, open faced condition, and are ideal for high-pressure/low leakage applications in land, air, sea, and space. Water resistant connector features can be added to both filtered and non-filtered multipin connectors, and coaxial, triaxial and high speed connector types.
  • Remke

    Waterproof cord grips and cord connectors available to custom specifications in diecast zinc, aluminum, nylon, steel, valox and stainless steel.  Also offered is a variety of threads including tapered and straight, NPT, Pg or ISO ‘M’-style.
    State: IL
  • Mencom

    Manufacturer of connectors and cables. Custom orders available.  Product line offers Molded cables and receptacles for sensors and actuators, Multi-pin industrial rectangular connectors for power and data lines, Panel Interface Connectors for safe and quick reprogramming requirements, DIN solenoid valve connectors for solenoids, and a wide variety of metric, PG and NPT cable glands, fittings and adapters.
    State: GA
  • Amerline Enterprises Co.

    Male and female single wire waterproof line and plug connectors.  Terminals and sleeves on each electrical wire connector are offered in a variety of materials.  Military Standard No. MS27145. "Y" type waterproof line connectors and panel type electrical wire connectors available.

    State: IL
  • Woodhead

    Manufacturer of cables and connectors. Their primary offering for waterproof applications is their Aero-Motive® water-resistant devices with prolonged submersion capability, built to withstand 1000psi hosedown, resistant to heat, weather, oil, chemicals, impact, corrosion & oxidation when properly mated. In addition, Woodhead manufactures the world's first IP67 rated industrial ethernet connectors.