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State: AR, CA, CT, IL, KS, MN, MS, NC, NJ, OH, OR, PA, SC, SK, TN, TX, WI, WV
Country: Canada
  • ABB

    ABB designs and manufactures padmount distribution transformers with integrated LV and MV panel, and padmount ANSI distribution transformers with single phase 50 kVA to 100 kVA and three phase 50 kVA to 315 kVA. Intended for utility, industrial and commercial applications, the pad mount transformers are available with fluids including mineral oil, midel and BIOTEMP.
  • Cooper Power Systems

    Cooper Power Systems manufactures single phase pad-mounted transformers and three phase pad-mounted transformers. The single phase pad mount transformers are design for underground residential and commercial distribution systems, while the three phase pad mount transformers are for commercial and industrial applications.
    State: WI
  • Eaton Corporation

    Eaton Corporation produces three phase pad mount transformers designed for servicing underground distribution loads found within shopping centers, schools, institutions, and industrial plants. Available in ratings through 600A at 15kV, 300A at 25 kV and 200A at 35 kV, the pad mount transformers can feature in live front and dead front construction.
    State: OH
  • Howard Transformers

    Howard Transformers manufactures three phase pad mount transformers that feature 45 to 10,000 kVA and 34.5 kV and below, and single phase pad mount transformers that feature 5 to 500 kVA and 34.5 kV and below.
    State: MS
  • Pacific Crest Transformers

    Pacific Crest Transformers manufactures liquid-filled padmount transformers for commercial, industrial and utility applications. Available in single and three phase designs, the transformers feature 75 kV through 10 MVA sizes, voltages through 69 kV and 350 kV BIL, and ratings designed in accordance with applicable ANSI, NEMA, and IEEE standards.
    State: OR

    ERMCO produces single phase and three phase pad mount distribution transformers. All the padmount transformers are oil filled, and feature ratings of 30 through 2500 kVA with high voltages of 2.4 to 19.9 kV. The transformers also feature low voltages up to 480 and below.
    State: TN
  • GE Industrial

    GE Industrial manufactures single phase pad mounted and three phase pad mounted transformers. The single phase pad mount transformers are designed to provides the features, performance and aesthetics needed for modern underground residential applications. The three phase pad mount transformers are liquid-filled and meet applicable ASNI/IEEE standards.
  • Olson Electrics Corp

    Olsun Electrics Corporation designs and manufactures three phase pad mounted transformers that feature 34,500 volts and below. UL listed through 5000 kVA at 15kV, the transformers feature a range of 30 kVA to 5000 kVA, and temperature rises of 80C, 115C and 150C.
    State: IL
  • Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric manufactures Square D-brand three phase, pad mounted transformers for use on underground power distribution systems. The transformers feature primary voltages from 2.4 kV to 46 kV in 45 through 20,000 KVA sizes, and secondary ratings of 600 volts through 25 kV.
  • Sunbelt Transformer

    Sunbelt Transformer manufactures liquid-filled padmount transformers for commercial, industrial and utility applications. Available in sizes from 75 kVA to 7500 kVA, the pad mount transformers feature primary voltages through 35 kV to 200 kV BIL, and secondary voltages through 8.3 kV to 75 kV BIL.
    State: CA, TX, IL, SC, PA
  • Alfa Transformer

    Alfa Transformer manufactures, reconditions, and remanufactures pad mount transformers through 3750 kVA. The company has pad mount transformers with FR3 fluid-filled units in stock and also rents pad mount transformers.
    State: AK
  • Delcor Power Products

    Delcor Power Products manufactures pad mount transformers with up to 10,000 KVA and voltages up to 38,000 delta. The company also rebuilds pad mount transformers to 7,500 KVA with voltages to 34,500 delta, and rents pad mount transformers up to 5,000 KVA.

    State: FL, NC, TX, LA

    ELSCO manufactures oil-filled, pad mount transformers that feature 500 KVA to 5000 KVA, and high voltage ratings from 2400 delta through 14400 delta. The pad mount transformers are used in hospitals, prisons, universities, institutions, industrial manufacturing facilities, plastics operations, steel mills, power plants, high rise office building and internet hotels.
    State: OH
  • Partner Technologies Inc

    Partner Technologies Inc. manufactures single and three phase pad mount transformers. The single phase transformers are intended for residential applications and feature 60 Hz dead front, loop or radial feed. The three phase pad mount transformers are suited for locations such as industrial plants or shopping malls. Both pad mount transformer types feature electrical grade mineral oil.
    State: SK
  • Pioneer Power Solutions

    Pioneer Power Solutions manufactures three phase, pad mount transformers from 75 KVA to 10 MVA, with top voltages of 46 kV. The transformers are fully tamper proof, and can be designed for radial or loop-feed applications, in live-front or dead-front execution. 
    State: NJ
  • Relectric Supply Co

    Relectric Supply Co. distributes oil-filled pad mount transformers manufactured by Rex Power Magnetics and Hammond. The pad mount transformers are available as single or three phase.
    State: CA
  • Tuscon Transformer & Apparatus

    Tuscon Transformer & Apparatus supplies high voltage pad mount transformers manufactured by: General Electric, Sunbelt Transformer, Pennsylvania Transformer, Cooper Power Systems, RTE, Howard Industries, Schneider Electric, Westinghouse, Balteau Standard, Sierra Transformer, Betz Transformers, and ABB Power Systems.
    State: KS