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Electrical Distributors in Canada

  • Hill Supplies

    Hill Supplies in Ontario sells electrical, data & communications, industrial, HVAC, and industrial equipment from manufacturers such as Gould, Siemens, Hubbell, Federal Pioneer, Hammond, Chromalox, Qmark, Repco, Honeywell, Potter & Brumfield, and Broan. Some of the products they carry include timers & photocells, wire and cable such as copper building wire, service entrance cable, cabtire, and welding cable, wiring devices, conduits, lamps, and transformers.
    Richmond Hill
    State: ON
  • ECS Wire

    ECS Wire is a British Columiba based distributor of cable and wire including aluminum and copper building wire including T90 and RW90-Copper, component wire, cord sets, marine cable, oil rig cables such as Bostrig and TMC, electronic wires, and specialty cables such as blasting wire, welding cable, and irrigation cable. They also sell connectors and glands including armored and Lapp connectors.
    State: BC
  • Nedco

    Nedco carries a vast array of products including distribution equipment, transformers, UPS, conduits, fittings, fasteners, boxes, enclosures, lamps, fuses, lighting fixtures, and more. Some of the companies the Nova Scotia based distributor carries include Thomas & Betts, Mircom, Broan, Alcan, Burndy, and Caddy.
    State: NS
  • Newark

    Newark is a distributor of electrical products with a very extensive online catalog, including connectors for A/V, circular connectors, fiber optics, I/O connectors, and industrial connectors as well as electrical and circuit protection products like breakers, interrupters, conduits, fuses, and switches. They also carry test equipment, semiconductors, passives, and assorted cables and wires.
    State: ON
  • Westburne

    Westburne offers a wide array of electrical products from well-known manufacturers. Products include ballasts including HID, fluorescent, and magnetic models; heating and ventilation products such as air conditioners, baseboards, fans, and thermostats; and wiring devices such as lampholders, plugs, powerbars, staples, and switches. Some of the companies the British Columbia based distributor carries include Hoffman, 3M, Hubbell, Syvania, and Panduit.

    State: BC
  • AMRE Supply

    AMRE Supply of Alberta, Canada sells a variety of electrical products including fuses, fire alarms and detectors, alarms, dimmers, circuit breakers, power meters, relays, transformers, and assorted cords and caps. Additionally, they also carry plumbing, communications, lighting, motors, and janitorial equipment and supplies.
    State: AB
  • Daltco Electric

    Daltco Electric is an electrical supply distributor, featuring Rittal Comfort Panels , Hammond din-rail control transformers, Philips extreme temperature system, and Rittal Climate control products. They also carry cable ties, wiring ducts, raceways, conduit fittings, and terminals from Thomas & Betts.
    State: ON
  • McLoughlan Supplies

    McLoughlan Supplies is a Newfoundland based electrical distributor featuring the SEF furnaces as well as Ballasts and lamps from Osram, Standard, and Eiko, fuses from Bussman and Fusetek, terminal blocks from Buchanan and Siemens, and connectors & couplings from 3M, Appleton, and Killark.
    St. John’s
    State: NL
  • Raymar Electrical Sales

    Rayman Electrical Sales in Ontario that carries a wide line of electrical supplies including 125 amp and 200 amp combination panel packages from Cutler-Hammer, as well as incandescent and fluorescent lamps and ballasts, wiring devices including switches and receptacles, and metal and PVC boxes.
    State: ON
  • Robertson Electrical Wholesale

    Robertson Electric Wholesale is an electrical products distributor in Ontario, Canada featuring Cementex safety solutions including double insulated 1000V safety tools and arc flash clothing including screwdrivers, pliers, and cable cutters as well as arc flash hoods, face shields, and cooling vests. They also sell a wide line of electrical products including conduits, circuit breakers, controls, connectors, raceways, relays, and reels.
    State: ON
  • The Wiring Mart

    The Wiring Mart is an electrical products distributor for industrial, commercial, and residential applications, featuring the Panasonic Whisper Green Exhaust fan with motion sensor. They also carry items including lamps, ballasts, fans, hoods, heaters, meters & test equipment, and outlet boxes.
    State: ON
  • RS Electrical Supply

    supplier of New, Used & Obsolete circuit breakers all across Canada and the United States.
    State: Ontario
  • Rico Electric Inc.

    Rico Electric offers offer a full spectrum of Electrical services for Residential, Industrial and Commercial electrical services from small projects to large. We strive to be efficient, neat and organized. Rico Electric Licensed electricians inspect your Data and telecom wiring and offer their expert advice. We maintain your existing knob & tube wiring and also offer complete replacements.
    State: Ontario